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CIMdata’s 2013 Simulation & Analysis Workshop

As companies continue the move towards total digital product development, making more and more decisions without physical testing, their ability to achieve reliable simulation of product performance becomes a crucial asset and competitive differentiator. Driving simulation up front in the development process brings issues in multi-discipline systems engineering, requiring collaboration and a view across domains like mechanical design, electrical, software, and controls. Simulation has long been used as an analog of physical testing, to assess and validate the performance of completed designs. That aspect remains extremely important. However, following the incredible advances in computer hardware and software over the past five decades, simulation can now be applied earlier and earlier in the product development process impacting not only the product itself, but also product concepts and architecture.

This is engineering on the left side of the systems engineering “Vee”. Since detail design of components for manufacturing has not yet begun, strategies must be in place to develop geometry for simulation. Key decisions are being made, decisions that will be impossible or extremely expensive to revisit later on. These decisions will determine product development time, cost, and quality. Applied effectively, simulation has a huge impact at this early stage on product quality, time to market, and ultimately a company’s financial performance.

CIMdata’s 2013 Simulation & Analysis Workshop, the leading event designed exclusively for members of the simulation and analysis community, is a key deliverable for CIMdata’s Simulation & Analysis Knowledge Council members.

What You Will Hear About

Simulation capability, maturity, and readiness:
Organizations must develop the capability to apply simulation reliably, and with repeatable results.

The democratization of simulation:
Simulation must be made available to a wider audience for collaboration and to engineer the system across domains and disciplines.

The Questions You Will Learn Answers To On The Way

  • What are the strategies for successful implementation of simulation and CAE for product and manufacturing system development?
  • How do we manage simulation as a key capability, so it can be effectively and reliably applied by a wide range of users?
  • What special issues must be considered when simulation is applied early during product development, at the conceptual design phase?
  • Why should my company be implementing CAE data management or a simulation framework to manage simulation projects, processes, and resources?
  • How do I develop a strategic case for implementing a simulation framework?
  • What are the cultural and organizational barriers to implementation and how can I get beyond them?
  • What are the requirements to integrate simulation with other engineering and business applications and data in the PLM ecosystem?
  • What can I learn from the experiences of other companies dealing with similar problems to the ones I face?

What You Should Expect If You Attend

Participants in CIMdata’s Design & Simulation Workshop should expect to gain a solid understanding of the current simulation and analysis market and the work that CIMdata’s Simulation & Analysis Knowledge Council has been undertaking. At this workshop you will experience a lively forum in which to discuss the real issues. You will also have the opportunity to have your voice heard and your opinion on this topic counted. This event also provides the chance to network with other professionals in the simulation and analysis community, CIMdata’s simulation and analysis experts, and members of the CIMdata Simulation & Analysis Knowledge Council.

What is the CIMdata Simulation & Analysis Council?

The Simulation & Analysis Knowledge Council (S&A Council) supports a simulation framework, an integrated environment that provides tools to manage access to applications, data, and computing resources, including high performance computing. The framework manages the complexity of multi-disciplinary system-level product performance, and integrates with other elements of the PLM environment, including product geometry, test, and requirements.

Knowledge capture, process automation, and data management are necessary elements to support simulation process and data reuse; traceability and quality control; and collaboration for system-level multi-disciplinary product design optimization. The low level of PLM maturity at many companies presents a significant problem in defining, deploying, and integrating a simulation framework.

The S&A Council focuses on simulation-driven design. A detailed scorecard on Simulation Data and Process Management (SDPM) assesses end-user requirements and best practices, analyzing data from users within leading-edge companies. A strategic, high level review and scorecard of the offerings by leading SDPM vendors is also continuously updated. Case studies provide guidance on strategies for the integration of simulation in the product development process, and for successful deployment to overcome organizational resistance to change. S&A also provides highly regarded forums for face-to-face discussions between users and providers.

The S&A Council is open to industrial and solution provider participants, through enterprise sponsorships or individual memberships.

For more information on CIMdata’s Simulation & Analysis Knowledge Council click here.

You May Also Be Interested

CIMdata will also be hosting a Systems Engineering Workshop which will take place at the same venue on May 1. Attendees at the Simulation & Analysis Workshop may take advantage of a bundled price which enables attendance at both events for a discounted price.

Date and Location of Workshop

Tuesday, April 30, 2013
GE Aviation Brian H. Rowe Learning Centre
One Neumann Way
Cincinnati, OH 45215

Workshop Times

8:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. Registration & Continental Breakfast
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Simulation & Analysis Workshop

Networking Opportunities

April 29 (7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.) - Informal pre-workshop drinks
April 30 (5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.) - Informal post-workshop drinks and a bite to eat

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