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PLM Road Map 2013

PLM Road Map™ 2013

2013 PLM Road Map

The Evolving PLM Paradigm - Toppling the Status Quo

PLM Road Map™ 2013 is the must-attend event for industry executives and PLM practitioners globally – providing independent education and a collaborative networking environment where ideas, trends, experiences, and relationships critical to the industry germinate and take root. Over the last decade, product lifecycle management (PLM) has risen as a strategic business approach to mediate between the many stakeholders throughout the product lifecycle, applying the appropriate technologies to support often complicated processes. Recently, new technologies, processes, and expectations have emerged or matured that threaten this dominant paradigm with extinction.

  • The push towards sustainability has caused many organizations to realize that product development isn’t just about getting a product to market, but also about its use, service, and disposition.
  • The increasing number of social-savvy workers, and who are always on, are demanding and expecting new forms of collaborative processes and supporting technologies.
  • Simulation for component design and integration has become routine, and now simulation is driving the earliest stages of the product and manufacturing system development processes.
  • The deluge of data and exploding product complexity are leading to new approaches to information management and cross-domain collaboration.
  • The significant increase in product and lifecycle complexity is driving most companies to investigate and even embrace systems engineering as a discipline.
  • Social computing has already started bringing in new voices of the customer, outside of the traditional marketing and sales channels.
  • 3D printing has the potential to surgically excise major parts of the product development and manufacturing value chain.
  • The “makers” movement is employing easy-to-use 3D CAD and electronic/computing prototyping technologies that allow nearly anyone to build complex electro-mechanical devices that were once the province of highly skilled engineering teams.

The first morning will start with a keynote presentation followed by two breakout sessions covering PLM Enterprise Value & Integration/Digital Manufacturing and Simulation & Analysis. The second day will feature two breakout sessions covering the topics of Systems Engineering and Social Product Development & Collaboration. At the end of day two PLM Road Map attendees will come together for a keynote presentation.

PLM Road Map™ 2013 is a strategic two-day conference focused on how companies are successfully employing PLM strategies and enabling solutions to meet challenging product development, manufacturing, and deployment issues. Join us at this year’s PLM Road Map to explore with our speakers and other attendees how PLM is changing, the current impacts of these changes, and what challenges industrial end users and PLM solution and service providers will face in the short and medium term. 

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